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Default settings are a great way to optimise your ordering process. If you set up your default settings with your choice of source languagetarget language(s)service level and subject matters once, then your order form will auto-populate with your choices every time you open it.

Default settings cannot be shared between users. If you want to set up ordering templates for multiple users, please read our support page on order templates.

Default settings

Default settings are specific to you only and cannot be shared with other colleagues who might also be making orders for your organisation.

Defaults are applied automatically every time you open the order form, pre-populating the order fields with:

  1. source language
  2. target language(s)
  3. service level
  4. subject matter.

Defaults are perfect if any or all of the above elements of your translation orders are always the same, for example if you’re always ordering translations for the same set of target languages every time. 

Set and edit your default languages, service level and subjects

Quick tip – It’s important that you always select the correct and consistent service levels, subject matters and language variations when you place your orders to ensure that the correct Translation Memory and translators are used. For example, selecting “English (US) en-us” will use your US English Translation Memory and not a UK English Translation Memory.

If you are unsure which settings are correct for your orders please contact your Account or Project Manager before adding these to your defaults.”

Defaults are set on your Account settings page:

1. Select Account.

2. Select Account settings.

This opens the Account Settings page where you can select your:

  • Default source language
  • Default target language(s)
  • Default service level
  • Default subject matter.

Note: You can leave any of these fields blank if they vary for every order and you want to select them every time.

3. Select Save.

Your default settings are now saved and will be set every time you create a new order.

You can try it out right away by selecting Order from the menu to view these defaults on the order form.

Remember you can still edit these settings on every order and you can change your defaults whenever you need to.”

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