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CAT tool expert user videos

Introduction to our Translation Management System

Quickly and easily learn how our platform can be used for translation, as well as an introduction of the main features required to ensure consistency and quality in your translations.

Advanced features

Watch these more in-depth videos to learn more about the advanced functions within the tool, including key features required to ensure consistency and quality in your translations.

Using the SideBar

Learn how the more advanced functions of our translation and review platform help to ensure consistency and quality in your translations.

How to deal with Fuzzy Matches

Learn how to use suggestions from past translations – Fuzzy Matches – to ensure you’re communicating with consistency.

How to research your TM with the concordance function

Translation Memory concordance can be used to search through your previous translations to find out how particular terms were handled in the past, ensuring consistency in your translations.

Basics of Terminology work

Learn how to use our translation and review platform’s integrated Glossary module to ensure consistency and adherence to your preferred terms.

Approving segments

Learn how to increase the quality of your translations by approving translated segments after every edit.

How to search for terms within your project with "filter on selection"

Learn how to use the “filter on selection” function, which tells you how frequently and in what way terms are used in the project you’re working on, to help you make decisions on a particular term’s use and improve consistency.

Duplication and Propagation

Our translation and review platform will inform you when you’re translating a segment that’s a repeat of an earlier segment and can even propagate either the original or your new translation through the project, helping you communicate with consistency.

How to format and use tags

Our translation and review platform separates and protects structural information about files so that you can focus on the translation. Learn what formatting tags are and how to use them so that your translation mirrors the source.

QA Warnings and Quality Assurance

Learn about our Quality Control approach and how potential errors can be addressed to improve consistency in your translations.

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