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Many brands with the right resources have a local internal review stage for their translated content.

These review stages use subject matter experts from within your organisation to ensure your messages are consistent across all your languages and markets.

Please let us know if your brand has an internal review stage for your translations, so that we can integrate it into the end-to-end translation workflow.

The challenges of In-Country Reviews

It’s important to ensure that if you have an In-Country Review stage within your organisation, it always drives increased quality and doesn’t just become a box-ticking exercise.

Additionally, In-Country Reviews can be a challenge depending on the local internal resources you have. Reviewing translated text is a professional skill, and achieving a successful and efficient outcome can be time – and resource – intensive.

Why do companies choose In-Country Review?

Companies can find internal review stages challenging – you should carefully consider the time and financial costs of these cycles against the benefits of having translated content that is closely aligned to your brand.

Organisations with low prior exposure to translation can however use review cycles as part of growing their own internal localisation maturity.

This is because review cycles can help to set up and optimise processes necessary for ongoing and scalable localisation activities. For example, structured feedback provided as part of an In-Country Review is key to building qualified language assets that add value to future translation projects.

Why In-Country Reviews need to be conducted by you

Internal reviews of your translated content should be carried out by a member of your organisation who’s a qualified native speaker of the target language, and is also familiar with the source language. This reviewer should be well-suited to add subject and organisational knowledge to the translated content.

You, as the content owner, are constantly in contact with your company-specific style and terminology. You are also more familiar with the function that your translated content will have – more so than your translators. That means that an internal reviewer, appointed by you, can add a layer of knowledge that fine-tunes the final product and aligns it closely with your brand.

How we can help

The ultimate goal of In-Country Review cycles is for this knowledge to flow into and improve your language assets: Style Guides, Glossaries, and also qualify your Translation Memories.

If you have not yet developed any of these language assets, we can offer advice on how to create and maintain them. Developing and maintaining these knowledge repositories has always proven to optimise the wider translation process.

Now that you’re familiar with In-Country Review, find out how to make it scalable.

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