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Introducing Integrated Client Review

Client Review is an editorial stage of the translation process that uses reviewers from within your organisation, but local to your target audience, to review your translated content.

The most efficient way to review your translations is having your Client Reviewers work within the Translation and Review interface of our Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tool – a key component of our Translation Management System (TMS). We call this process Integrated Client Review.

Working in an integrated centralised environment brings dedicated teams for a task together in one tool (rather than having to manage several copies of a translation). It also gives a real-time overview of the reviewers’ progress and ensures any requested changes are implemented quickly so that the completed translation is ready for publication sooner. Some other key benefits of Integrated Client Review cycles include:

Faster turnaround times

  • Spotting inconsistencies sooner, reducing the need for future edits and delivering your project faster.
  • Productivity boosters to help improve the review process (propagation for identical content, alphabetic source text sorting, filter out irrelevant content).
  • Real-time project monitoring.
  • Email notification system (users are automatically notified when tasks are ready for review).

Cost efficiency

Manually implementing feedback into the Translation Memory to ensure your updates are reused in future projects can be both costly and timely.

  • Real-time TM updates. This means that as your reviewers work in our review interface their changes are automatically saved to your Translation Memory, meaning that if you’re having multiple pieces of content reviewed in parallel your preferences will be visible across all your projects.
  • Real-time term addition. Allows your reviewers to propose new term candidates to one another as they work.

Quality and Consistency

  • Working closely with our team by having access to our translators’ comments/queries and implicitly by opening up the communication channels and allowing us to get to your tone of voice more quickly and more consistently now and for future projects.
  • Access to the Glossary module and your preferred terms at any time throughout the review.
  • In-context review. The ability to see the translation in-context.
  • Searchable translation history and versions.
  • Comprehensive Quality Assurance checks to ensure no errors appear during the review process.

We can further advise on the best approach for your organisation once we know more about your translation requirements, your desired level of involvement, and what you would like your review cycles to achieve.

Integrated Client Review cycles will allow you to:

  • Align translated content with your company-specific terminology and style
  • Validate that any requirements have been incorporated in the translated content
  • Take the first step towards the creation of language assets
  • Make the best use of Quality Assurance functionalities, if you work in an integrated online environment

More guidance on conducting a Client Review.

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