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The essentials behind an Client Review

Reviewing translations is a professional skill and requires solid processes to achieve a successful and efficient outcome, particularly when working with many languages and content streams. Setting up review processes correctly from the start helps avoid potential quality issues farther down the line.

Client Review should be a carefully planned, scalable activity that follows a strategy. Your review cycles will only be valuable if, when planning these cycles, you can answer the following questions:

  • What are the objectives, scope and level of detail of this review?
  • How do I make sure the review is in line with our language assets (Translation Memory, Terminology, and Style Guide)?
  • How do I make sure these language assets stay up-to-date with relevant instructions and feedback?
  • How can I best plan for a consistent assignment of single reviewers per language and type of content?

How we can help

The ultimate goal of Client Review is for this knowledge to flow into and improve reliance on your language assets (Style Guides, Glossaries, Translation Memories), and, therefore, to ultimately reduce the need of these additional review cycles, which can be resource heavy and time consuming.

If you have not yet developed any of these language assets, we can offer advice on how to create and maintain them. Developing and maintaining these knowledge repositories has always proven to optimise the wider translation process, including the Client Review stage.

If you are using subject matter experts from within your organisation for a final review, please let us know, so that we can integrate it into the end-to-end translation workflow.

Check here to find out how we can support making it scalable.

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