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Our worldwide network of professional translators

Having a worldwide network of experienced professional translators is key to the success of any translation project.

Our translators are native speakers with extensive subject matter expertise in your industry and have experience in translating many different types of content.

Recruiting our translators

Our recruitment criteria ensure we have the best translators onboard for your project. All of our translators:

  • Are professionally qualified native speakers
  • Have subject matter expertise or extensive experience in the relevant field/industry
  • Have a minimum of 3 years’ work experience as a translator
  • Undergo a thorough testing phase where they are tested and approved by an experienced translator in the relevant subject matter.

On-boarding our translators

Our process ensures the onboarding of new translators for a client is managed in a controlled environment by:

  • Assigning translators whose profiles, relevant subject matter expertise and experience meet the project’s scope
  • Ensuring translators are fully briefed on the client context and expectations prior to beginning work
  • Building translator teams to continuously work on the client’s content and become familiar with the company style and terminology.

Ongoing performance monitoring

A key lever in our Quality Assurance process is translator performance monitoring: our translators’ performance is reviewed on an ongoing basis using our systems, tools and targeted monitoring.

  • Ongoing monitoring: is carried out automatically by our systems and tools, recalculated daily, based on four categories (Quality level, the Quality risk, the Project Manager’s rating and trust, and the Vendor Manager’s vetting).
  • Targeted monitoring: covering a 3-month timeframe, closely supervised by our Vendor Management team.

To support this our Translation Management System also provides relevant data on a translator’s performance:

  • QA reporting that provides granular insight on all QA warnings triggered at segment level within a project, and the translator’s actions in each workflow step.
  • Workflow Change and Editing Metrics report, showing the type and number of changes made during the review stage and the time spent on the review task.

These tools and processes enable us to effectively monitor our translators’ performance to ensure they meet consistently high standards.

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