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Automatically calculated estimated delivery dates

When you create a quote or place an order our ordering platform will automatically calculate the earliest estimated delivery date for your translations.

If you don’t need your translations back quite this early you can update the estimated delivery date to one that you’d prefer, before you request your quote or place your order. 

Updating your translation delivery dates

If we need to make any changes to the delivery dates for your orders, to give additional time for Desktop Publishing for example, then your Project Manager will update the estimated delivery date. You can check your estimated delivery dates at any time on the Projects page in our ordering platform.

Is your translation urgent?

For urgent translations that you may need before our automatically calculated delivery dates our Project Managers can check if there are any rush options available for you. If any of your translation requests are urgent, please let us know in the instructions when requesting a quote/placing your order, giving details of when you require your translations back. If we have options to deliver within your deadlines we will let you know and provide you with an updated quote. 

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