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How we translate and review your content

Once your content has been filtered and extracted from your source files, imported into the CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) tool component of our Translation Management System (TMS), and you’ve placed your order with us, we’re ready to start your translation. 

It’s important to note that our translators work with your content in our CAT tool, and do not translate directly in the file you originally send us. They do however use your original source file for reference.

Performing translations in our CAT tool enables our translators to bring together your source content and key language assets to facilitate fast, effective, consistent and efficient translation, all in a unified workspace.

Quality control through the translation process

Our CAT environment enables translators to work more efficiently with your content and allows us to implement quality control features to preserve quality and consistency in your message, no matter your target language.

As well as the content of your files, our translators also have access to your relevant Translation Memories (previously-approved translations) and Glossaries (lists of terms that should or should not be translated) to help make translations consistent and on-brand.

Other quality control features include:

  • Work prioritisation and progress tracking – allowing our translators to prioritise what matters.
  • Customisable real-time quality checks and warnings – providing our translators with support to deliver against your quality profile.
  • Spelling and grammar checking models – including client and custom dictionaries that our translators can edit and augment.
  • Terminology module – which enables consistency to your preferred terminology (with context) as well as allowing for our translators to make suggestions back.
  • Adaptive Neural Machine Translation that learns from our translators’ edits – removing those frustrating repeated mistakes and delivering output that helps, not hinders.
  • In-context preview for many of the key file formats – so our translators can see beyond the words.
  • Productivity boosters to help our translators work and collaborate more efficiently (i.e. propagation, alphabetic segment sorting, commenting, advanced search and filter options).
  • Automated notifications and alerts – helping our translators keep on top of their tasks without the need to keep checking the system.
  • Customisable key mappings and profile settings – so our translators can make the tool fit them, not the other way around.

Your translations, saved in your Translation Memory

Once your translation workflow is finished, all of the translated segments of your content will be stored in your Translation Memory automatically, ready for use on your next translation projects.

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