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Lingo24’s Translation Management System (TMS) has been built exclusively in house, with a focus on embedding automation in the heart of everything we do.

This AI-powered technology platform consists of a number of key components (below) that allow for integration and automation throughout the translation process, and enable us to consistently deliver high-quality content for our clients across many languages.

Ordering platform 

Our secure ordering platform allows clients to order online, view the progress of their current projects, and manage file deliveries. 

The ordering platform allows clients to manage their orders with Lingo24 and provides the following functionality:

  • Project quotation and ordering
  • Project management
  • Project delivery and secure file download
  • Invoice management and payment
  • Account management
  • User and team management.

ERP, Project Management and data store

Our internal project management tool acts as our system record, central data store, and internal management interface for translation projects.

As we grow and expand, our technical platform is updated regularly with additional functionality to aid the automation and standardisation of our project delivery, embedding our processes within the technical platform. It is within this system where the configuration for customers is held from their key instructions and assets to the translator teams that are defined for them.

Computer-Assisted Translation tool

Our Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tool with built-in quality-management features is accessible online so there’s no need to download or install any of our systems locally.

It’s focused on:

  • Automation of tasks and reduction of manual touch points
  • Control quality (allowing for workflow customisation), including hardwired Quality Assurance checks into the UI such as terminology checks, antonym checks, spelling and grammar, unedited content, etc.
  • Management of language assets such as:  Terminology Consolidation, TM/Terminology Management
  • Providing an environment for client reviews within the tool for a completely automated digital workflow, which again maximises the efficiency of the approach. Internal review is managed by our Project Team, reducing any manual coordination by the client and ensuring all changes are captured within the Translation Memory without any manual exchange of content.
  • Machine Translation (Neural Adaptive MT), where we will build and train custom MT engines based on your content – if you’ve chosen Machine Translation as part of your service. Unlike generic providers, we know what the engines are going to be used for, so can tune them to excel in that subject matter and style and have direct access to your data that others might not have.

Translator Portal

Translator access is managed via a corresponding supplier portal, which allows suppliers to Lingo24 to manage their assigned tasks when they are working with your content.

Orchestration and automation

To streamline the operational aspects of translation, we use an in-house developed process orchestration engine that coordinates actions across all Lingo24 the systems and components we have, acting as a virtual project manager (coordinating items such as automated file filtering, project/task creation, and content delivery.)

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