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Lingo24 offers a range of content services via our online ordering platform, as well as a number of additional services that need to be requested via our Account Managers or a Project Manager.

Translation services available on our ordering platform

First Draft 

  • Fast, low-cost, professional translation.
  • A basic ‘non business-critical’ translation of your content into your requested language.
  • Most suitable use cases include reviewing general business information and incoming business communications.

Professional Translation

  • Professional translation, with separate editing.
  • Our most popular service level.
  • Most suitable for business documents where style isn’t a priority, but accuracy and clarity are vital. For example general correspondence, technical documentation, legal documents, etc.

On-Brand Translation

  • Professional, fully proofread translations which adhere to on-brand messaging.
  • Most suitable for documents that must respect your corporate brand/style guidelines. For example, sales/marketing material.

Additional content services

When ordering translation services on our ordering platform you can also add the following additional content services.

Non-standard File Filtering

If you do not want all of the content within your files translated this service will filter your file and extract content marked for translation, either through automated or manual means.

Desktop Publishing

For documents where the layout is important (e.g. Microsoft PowerPoint presentations or documents that have been created using desktop publishing software such as Adobe InDesign), your target files can be reviewed and the layouts updated to ensure that all content is correctly displayed on pages and within text boxes and images.

Image handling

Text contained within images is not translated as standard. If you would like text within images translated and/or if you would like your images recreated in your target languages you can request our Image Handling service. 

For more information on the scope of our services please refer to our service sheets.

Our full range of services

We also offer a full suite of content services that can be enabled for your content on our ordering platform. For more details of these services please see our website or contact your Account Manager to discuss your requirements.

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