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While Translation Memories can be a great means to ensure consistency for your brand and help control costs, they can become less efficient without a healthy TM maintenance strategy in place.

When the quality of TMs can be affected

Translation Memories store content independently of its quality. In other words: a TM can contain translations with various errors, inconsistent terminology, spelling mistakes (in source and target languages), deviations from the source, etc.

While we have multiple tools and workflows in place to check the quality of your content, there are various external factors that may in fact reduce the relevance of your TMs and their applicability to new content:

  • Different service levels with different quality expectations
  • Different content types with conflicting terminology instructions
  • Client feedback not captured in the TM
  • Inconsistent feedback implemented in the TM.

Where this is the case, Lingo24 can offer you a range of different services to ensure your Translation Memories remain accurate and efficient.

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