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Many of the world’s largest brands spend a lot of time and resources getting their global messages right. Having a healthy and relevant Translation Memory is key to ensuring the quality and consistency of those messages across multiple languages and markets.

We offer a comprehensive range of consulting services to support a scalable Translation Memory strategy, including TM Alignment and TM Clean-up.

TM Alignment

For you to be able to fully benefit from your past translations, there are various actions that can be taken to create a new Translation Memory.

Automated Alignment

Lingo24 will use AI-based tools to break down your source and target documents into segments, and pair these segments together.

Manual Activities

Your In-Country Reviewer(s) or one of our translators can be appointed to review the accuracy of automatically paired segments. They can then either remove badly-aligned segments or correct, merge and delete segments to produce a list of accurately-aligned source and target segments, creating a Translation Memory.

TM Import

We will then import this new Translation Memory into the Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tool component of our Translation Management System (TMS).

TM Clean-up

TM Updates

We carry out an impact analysis of updating your stylistic and Terminology instructions and suggest the most effective TM Clean-up strategy. We then take one of the following approaches:

  • Semi-automated TM updates through Lingo24’s TM tools with no translator involvement
  • Global changes implemented by Lingo24’s translators or your In-Country Reviewer(s)
  • TM penalisation by either removing the contextual information of Translation Units or by downgrading the status of Translation Units from “approved” to “not approved”.

TM Assessment

To increase efficiency of new and existing Translation Memories, you can request a more detailed assessment, consisting of the following approach:

  • Pre-import objective assessment to check for duplication, inconsistencies with existing Translation Memories, adherence to existing terminology instructions (if any)
  • Pre-import subjective assessment, carried out by a translator tasked by Lingo24 to review a sample of your Translation Memory. The sample size will be agreed on with you, the client.

Such assessments will conclude with a full report detailing the issues identified in the Translation Memory, a set of recommendations moving forward, as well as potential risks.

TM Clean-up

We remove Translation Units based on either an objective (using tools) or a subjective (translators’ feedback) assessment, based on your needs and patterns identified.

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