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Style Guides define and enforce rules on language usage, composition and orthography. They are used by our translators to translate your content in line with your company’s requirements and expectations.

If you already have a company Style Guide for translation purposes, please share it with us. Having a Style Guide for translations from the project outset helps us understand your stylistic approach to your content early on.

Style Guide creation

We offer hands-on advice in the creation of Style Guides ready for translation.

Or if you’d like to create your Style Guide in-house, please use our free Style Guide Template, and read our top 9 tips on creating a Style Guide for translation.

We can also guide your in-house specialists and copywriters by organising Q&A and training sessions.

Style Guide maintenance

Your Style Guide is a living document. After its completion, it will need to be periodically reviewed to ensure it stays in tune with your company’s communication strategy and your target audience’s expectations.

Feedback and new instructions need to be assessed and included in your Style Guide to make sure it always reflects your organisation’s current tone of voice. We can offer hands-on and timely support in making sure your Style Guide stays useful and up to date.

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